Nepal awaits..!!

We are living in unprecedented time and like all of you, we are following the global COVID-19 situation very closely. We have always cared for the health and safety of our customers and employees and during this difficult time we hope you and your family are well.

Soon after the first case of COVID-19 in Nepal, to ensure the safety of the employees, Thamserku closed the office from March 13, 2020, 10 days before the official lock down was imposed on March 23, 2020 by the government. Along with this, we also informed our agents and clients abroad about the growing concern of the situation and requested them to postpone the trips until the situation settled down. The clients who were already in Nepal, we took all safety measure for their safe return back to Kathmandu and their onward trip back home before the international flights were put on hold. The domestic and international flight has been banned till May 15, 2020 and May 20, 2020 respectively. Although the lockdown has made the lives of everyone difficult, we are staying positive and hopeful. Our office workforce continues working remotely from their home and continue to have the meeting on platform such as zoom. This has helped our employees to come and work together even more closely.

More than a month after the official lockdown, the cases in Nepal has gone up to 52 with 16 people already recovered and 36 active cases with none of them in critical situation at the moment. The government has extended the lockdown till May 7, 2020.

The great wheel that we lived in has stopped, cutting off the root of everything we did within our routine and giving us a bit of anxiety and anguish with the unknown future. However, we believe that we should have a positive vision because this moment has given us to stop the busy life, sit down, take a breather and look into ourselves. The nature is taking a break from all commotion we humans have created. The nature is taking its course.

In the meantime, lets’ enjoy the simple things that we have often overlooked, a good hearty breakfast, improvising our cooking skills and keep reading about the amazing places around the world. One thing is for sure that after all this is over, the world will travel again and Team Thamserku will be here to full that dream.

Dream now, Explore later..!!
Team Thamserku