We are always with you

The world today is battling with the COVID-19 outbreak and society is experiencing a global crisis that has affected many sectors, but few have suffered such a terrible impact as the tourism sector. Although a tough time, we believe that this too will pass and with this positive attitude Team Thamserku is working remotely from home and providing as much assistance as possible to our clients, be it for returning back to their home or cancelling the trip or refunds.

Perhaps, it is important now to understand the work of a travel agent. With the internet platforms making it easy, many traveler chose not to buy from travel agents. Today many of those who have purchased their trips in this way are suffering because they have no support, just a phone number or an answering machine on the other side of the line.

Travel agencies are one of the businesses that offer the most guarantees to the consumer, where the client is protected by a team of professionals who will help and offer continuous support in any kind of situation and we at Thamserku understand that our partners and clients need us to help them more than ever at such crisis.

Our team in Thamserku is working hard to continue giving an answer to all our partners from other countries and travelers. And even financially it is a terrible blow to us, we believe in long-term relationships and mutual benefit. That is why we believe that now is the time for all of us to collaborate, which is why, for example, we have negotiated with our suppliers to avoid cancellation costs and thus not pass the cost on to our agents and clients.

We have people who work and support their families, and without having the commitment of any government aid; we have assured that no employee will lose their job. We are taking measures depending on the duration of this crisis and the whole team will adjust their salary to be able to continue, but we will make sure that our team suffers as little as possible. Since we are all a family and each member is just as important.

Never stop traveling and never stop traveling with professional teams, because when something happens, what we most need is a help and support from a committed team. Nobody can predict accidents or situations like this to happen, but we would like to let our partners and our clients know that we are always here.

We will get ahead stronger and with more desire than ever we are waiting for you all in Nepal!
Team Thamserku