Nepal Travel Information

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you take out an adequate insurance policy that covers the risks of traveling in remote mountainous areas including helicopter rescue expenses in case of accident or illness where road transport is not available. Far and High recommends Travel Insured. Please, call us to purchase the policy or purchase it online.

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Although you don't need to be an athlete to trek in the Nepal Himalaya, some degree of fitness level is required. The more physically active you are, the more you will enjoy the trek. Trekking is about taking your time, setting your own pace and enjoying the experience to its fullest. Its common that most first-time trekkers are concerned that they won't keep up, but soon discover that a steady pace will have them in camp well before they would have expected. Trekking in Nepal Himalaya is not like a race or walking contest but a walking holidays for people of all ages. Trekking hours can be as short as 2 hours and as long as 7-8 hours in an uneven terrain. The trail can be steel uphill or downhill and at times crosses rivers and springs by suspension or wooden bridges. Enthusiasm for walking and mental preparedness play the vital role.

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General Packing List

The following is the list of generally recommended clothing and accessories. It's not comprehensive list as the clothing and equipment may vary depending on the trekking route, trip length and your preference. The following list includes general items that we think are essential. Please, do research on other resources, compare and use your best judgment for what you need to pack.

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Reading References

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Trekking In The Annapurna Region
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Trekking In The Everest Region
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Ethics and Etiquettes in Nepal

Eco Tourism

Travelers are always on the look out of less frequented, untrodden and wilderness areas for their trip. We usually receive requests from our clients that they want to go off-the beaten paths and want to avoid popular touristy areas. But those less frequented or un-trodden areas no longer remain pure. Litter and cultural pollution soon erode visitor appeal and more important, indigenous lifestyles dependent upon a delicate natural balance vanish forever. Responsible tourism is a more sound investment where everybody wins.

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Festivals of Nepal

Its stands when a western Scholar said Nepal has as many temples-as many houses, as many gods as many population and as many festivals as many number of days in a year. Nepal has a long line of festivals throughout the year. Some of the major festivals are listed here.

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Travel Safety in Nepal

Tourists are safe in the New Republic of Nepal. More than decade old Maoists insurgency has ended with abolition of 2 and half century long monarchy and the country is towards peace and stability.

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Money Matter in Nepal

Exchanging Money

Exchange your money in banks and with authorized money changers only and do not forget to ask receipt of the exchange. In Kathmandu , banks have money exchange counters. These facilities to change money are quick and convenient. We are told it is necessary to ask for receipts when money is changed. On the return journey, if you are left with Nepalese rupees, they can exchange 10% against exchange receipts to about 10 or 12 different kinds of foreign currency at the Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu. Nepal has modern banking facilities and some of the International Banks have their own offices in Kathmandu . Almost all foreign currencies along with credit cards such as American Express, Visa and Master Card, etc. are accepted in Nepal at major hotels, shops and restaurants.

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Nepal Climate and Weather

Nepal's climate varies with its topography and altitude ranging from arctic climate in the mountains to the tropical in the southern lowlands. The northern mountain region, around an altitude above 3,300m has an alpine climate with considerably lower temperature in winter as can be expected.

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Passport ,Visa and Travel Document for Nepal

Current Tourist Visa Rules in Nepal (Updated Sep 04, 2008).

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How to Get Nepal and Away

By Air

By Air Kathmandu -the capital city of Nepal is connected by air with Bangkok , Honkong, Shanghai , Lhasa, Chengdu, Osaka , Singapore , Dubai , Doha , Abudhabi, Karachi , Dhaka and Indian cities Delhi , Mumbai, Banglore, Kolkatta and Varanasi.

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