• Tanahun , Nepal

A hilltop settlement and a municipality of Tanahun District (Gandaki zone) of Nepal is located 143 km to the west of Kathmandu and 80 km to the east of Pokhara. A perseverance of old culture, Bandipur has been increasingly coming to the attention of tourism.

Formerly a Magar village, today it is settled by a various Nepali Ethnicities with different beliefs. The elevation, mesmerizing view of the Himalaya range (dhailagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh, Lantang) make bandipur and interesting tourist site. The peace nature of Bandipur saved the Newari Architecture otherwise would have been replaced by faceless modern types. A different Newari and Magar festival occurs to show the perseverance and to be followed by the next generations.

Located on a wide saddle at the height of 1030m the surroundinghills of bandipur are ideal for hiking along trails that take you through tribal villages, verdant forests, and hilltop shrine that once doubled as fortresses. Whiledoing the Inner tour of bandipur, several of places like Bandipur bazaar, tundikhel, puramo kot, teendhara, rabiban, exploring siddha cave are the major tourist destinations.  Bandipur hosts more than 24 species of orchid. People can see orchids in the most parts of Bandipur, but for the trail best route to enjoy these beautiful flowers is on the way to the silk farm west of Bandipur Bazaar.

Ancient temples of Khadga devi, Bindhebasini temple, Mahalaxmi temple are beautiful. Khadga Devi temple only opens to devotes once a year on the day of Phulpati, the seventh day of the Hindu festival in October. So as Bindhebasini temple and Mahalaxmi temple is made up of pagoda style.