Bungamati & Khokana

Bungamati & Khokana

  • Kathmandu , Nepal

The Newari villages, complex of cultural combination are just 10 Km on a southern belt from Kathmandu valley.

Bungamati is a land overlooking the BaghmatiRiver isNewar village. This place is the birthplace of the deity Machhindranath, who stays there for six months of the year and he spends rest of the time in Patan. The procedure of moving him back and forth is one the major annual festivals in the valley.

Besides that, a dedication to Lord Ganesha, the Karyabinayak temple is one of the most important temples in Nepal.From that temple, view of the surroundings looks very spectacular.The major locality of people is living as woodcarvers around that area.

On the outskirts of Patan, approximately 8km away south from Kathmandu, a beautiful traditional Newari village is Khokana.Since ancient time, this place itself very famous for the production of mustard oil. The dedication to shekali Mai-a mother goddess, is constructed of two levels. The temple of Rudrayani and ponds carries similar religious importance as well.There is a small museum which has been maintained by the local people in which they have got old farming tools, jewellery etc.